Creative Control Products Page
Thank You to Larry, WB0ECV, for providing some of these files.
He has a CCP Web Page at

The following files are in Adobe Acrobat Format
SRC-10 Manual - 2,924kb
SRC-10 Schematic - 130kb
UAI-10 Manual - 1,317kb
UAI-10 Schematic - 75kb
UAI-20 Manual - 1,629kb
UAI-20 Schematic - 84kb
UAD-100 Manual - 773kb

The following are PCB photos in jpg format
SRC-10 - 190kb
UAI-10 - 94kb
UAI-20 - 174kb
PI-10/S - 76kb

The following are in gif format
PI-10/S Schematic - 19kb
Link Wiring Diagram - 16kb
Repeater Block Diagram - 14kb

Sales Brochures in jpg Format
SRC-10 - 164kb
UAI-10 - 139kb
UAI-20 - 156kb

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