Technical Data Page

We hope that some of the following links,
files and data will help with your projects:
  • Advanced Computer Controls (ACC)

  • Creative Control Products
  • Coaxial Cable Data

  • WA2ISE Coaxial Cable Page
  • DTMF Tone List

  • ICOM CTCSS Tone List
  • Comm Spec SS-32 Wiring

  • Comm Spec SS-32P Wiring
  • Comm Spec Dip Switch Programming

  • Installation of RF Power Transistors and Modules
  • SouthEast Iowa Technical Society

  • RF Solutions.Com
  • SEITS Vertex (Yaesu) Repeater Setup Page

  • Sierra Radio
    Technical Notes
    Icom RP2210 Repeater
    Frequency Switch Setting Chart

  • WB5WPA 6 Meter Heliax Duplexers
  • Topographic Map Searching
  • Mike Pinfold, ZL1BTB - Coaxial Resonators

  • Repeater Builder's Technical Information Page

  • Internet Radio Linking Project

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